NANO 264: Solid-State and Nanochemistry (4 units)


Lectures: MWF 3-3:50 p.m., HSS 1106B
Instructor: Prof. Andrea Tao
Office: Atkinson Hall (Calit2) Rm 2704
Phone: (858) 822-4237
Office hours: Thursday 5-6 p.m.

Description: This course will cover key concepts in nano- and solid-state chemistry for graduate students and advanced undergraduates. This objective of this course is to explore fundamental chemical principles of bonding, electronic structure, and atomic arrangements, and to apply these principles toward engineering nanomaterials and systems. Topics covered include: descriptive crystal chemistry, structure determination, phase diagrams, free electron gas in dimensional solids, tight-binding approximation, band structure; nanomaterials synthesis.

Prerequisites: Consent of the Instructor

Problem Sets (5) 20%
Midterm Exam 1 20% (tentatively scheduled for 4/30/12)
Midterm Exam 2 20% (tentatively scheduled for 5/25/12)
Final Exam 40%

Main Texts:
Anthony West. Basic Solid State Chemistry, Second Edition. John Wiley & Sons, 1999.
Gersten and Smith. The Physics and Chemistry of Materials. John Wiley & Sons, 2001.

Additional Texts:
Solid State Physics. Ashcroft and Mermin. Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1976.
The Physics and Chemistry of Solids. Stephen Elliott. Wiley, 1998.
Nanomaterials Chemistry. Rao, Muller, and Cheetham. Wiley, 2007.
Solid and Surfaces: A Chemist's View of Bonding in Extended Structures. Roald Hoffmann.
Solid State Chemistry. Smart and Moore. CRC Press, New York: 2005

Other Materials:
How Chemistry and Physics Meet in the Solid State by Roald Hoffmann
A chemical and theoretical way to look at bonding on surfaces by Roald Hoffmann

Course Outline:
A. Periodic Structure, Diffraction, & the Reciprocal Lattice
B. Descriptive Crystal Chemistry
C. Solid Solutions & Phase Diagrams
D. Free Electron Model
E. Bloch Wavefunctions
F. Tight-Binding Model

Problem Sets:
Problem Set 1
Problem Set 2
Problem Set 3
Problem Set 4
Problem Set 5

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