4/16/14 Su-Wen's manuscript on "Tunable and directional plasmonic coupling between semiconductor nanodisks" is accepted into Nano Letters. Congrats!
4/10/14 Congrats to both Sarrah and Charlie for being accepted to the Qualcomm Institute Summer Scholar Undergraduate Research Program!
4/10/14 Andrea gives the Centre for the Physics of Materials (CPM) seminar at McGill University in Montreal on "Building Novel Optical Materials with Plasmonic Nanocrystals."
4/8/14 Whitney's manuscript on liquid crystal templating of semiconductor nanostructures is accepted into JACS.
4/8/14 Tarah is awarded Honorable Mention from the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program. Congrats!
3/24/14 Brandon is awarded Honorable Mention from the Ford Foundation Fellowships Program. Congrats!
2/17/14 David's work on modeling self-assembled bowtie antennas is accepted in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.
2/12/14 Kyung Min Byun joins the Tao Group as a visting scholar from the Dept. of Biomedical Engineering from Kyung Hee University in Korea. Weclome!
12/5/13 Congratulations to Su-Wen for being awarded the MRS Silver Award for Graduate Student Research and also for winning the Best Poster Award!
10/18/13 Andrea gives the Inorganic Chemistry seminar at UC Berkeley, on "Nanocrystals and Nanojunctions: Designing Bottom-Up Materials for Plasmonics, Metamaterials, and More"
10/15/13 Brandon and Aliza are accepted into the ACS Science Coaches program for the 2013-14 school year. Congrats!

Nanoscale Interfaces & Assembly

Interfaces play a fundamental role in dictating the physical properties and emerging phenomena of low-dimensional materials such as nanowires, nanoparticles, and quantum dots. The Tao research group is interested in the synthesis and surface chemistry of nanoscale materials, with an emphasis on developing new approaches for rational assembly and integration into composites and biological systems.

We are located in the new Structural & Materials Engineering Building @UCSD. Our group is constantly evolving. If you're interested in joining the Tao Group, please contact us!
9500 Gilman Dr. Mail Code #0448, La Jolla, CA 92093-0448
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