NANO 102: Foundations of NanoEngineering A: Chemical Principles (4 units)
Fall 2012


Lectures: TuTh 2-3:20 pm, Center Hall 105
Section: Th, room and time, TBA
Website: course materials, schedule, and assignments will be made available through

Instructor: Prof. Andrea Tao
Office: Structural and Materials Engineering Bldg. Rm 244K
Phone: (858) 822-4237
Email: atao*at*
Office hours: TBA

TA: Matt Rozin
email: mrozin*at*
TA Office hours: TBA

Description: This course is intended primarily as introduction to the chemistry of nanoscale systems for undergraduates. Topics include: Atomic, molecular, and extended structures; Band structure; Quantum dots; Carbon-based materials; Descriptive crystal chemistry; Nanoparticle synthesis; Surface energy; Self-assembly; Special topics in nanosynthesis and nanofabrication.

Prerequisites: Grade of C- or better in Chem 6C, Math 20D, and Nano 101.

Reading Quiz (10) = 5%
Problem Sets (5) = 15%
Midterm Exam 1 = 20%
Midterm Exam 2 = 20%
Final Exam = 40%

Introduction to Nanoscience. Hornyak, Dutta, Tibbals, and Rao. CRC Press, New York: 2008.
Course Reader (available at Soft Reserves in Week 0)

Supplemental texts: (on reserve in Geisel Library)
Solid State Chemistry. Smart and Moore. CRC Press, New York: 2005 Nanomaterials Chemistry. Rao, Muller, and Cheetham.
Solid State Chemistry and Its Applications. West.
Solid and Surfaces: A Chemistís View of Bonding in Extended Structures. Hoffmann.
Chemical Structure and Bonding. DeKock and Gray.
Inter molecular and Surface Forces. Israelachvili.

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