The first annual Tao Group Retreat at Indian Cove, Joshua Tree, CA.

Principal Investigator

Andrea R. Tao (Brief Bio)
Office: Structural and Materials Engineering, 244K
Phone: (858) 822-4237

A.B. in Chemistry and Physics, Harvard
Ph.D. in Chemistry, UC Berkeley


Andrea Rodarte
Ph.D. in Physics, UC Merced

Su-Wen Hsu
Materials Science
M.S. in Chemical Engineering, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
Ph.D. in Materials Science, UC San Diego

Graduate Students

Matthew Rozin
Materials Science
B.S. in Chemical Engineering, UMass Amherst

Whitney Bryks
B.S. in Chemistry, UC Santa Cruz

Madhura Som
M.S. in Materials Science & Engineering, Stony Brook University
B.S., Applied Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering, WBUT, India

Darwin Zwissler
Materials Science
B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering, UC Berkeley

Yuan Zeng
Materials Science
B.S. in Materials Science, University of Arizona

Stephen Palani
B.S. in NanoEngineering, UC San Diego

Reiko Liu
Chemical Engineering
B.S. in Chemical Engineering, UC San Diego

Aathreya Ganapathy Subramanian
Materials Science
B.S. in Materials Science, Anna University

Undergraduate Students

Stephanie Smith
Nanoengineering and Chemistry, UC San Diego

Samuel Spraker
NanoEngineering, UC San Diego

Zandra Rojo
NanoEngineering, UC San Diego

Oanh Nguyen
NanoEngineering, UC San Diego

Mariam Ahmed
NanoEngineering, UC San Diego


Sung-Yeon Hwang
Elora Ocampo (B.S. in Chemical Engineering) - Proctor & Gamble
Kathy On (M.S. in Chemistry) - NanoImaging Services
Jonathan Chen (B.S. in Neuroscience)- Yale, graduate student in Bioengineering
Vivian Li (B.S. in Chemical Engineering)
Marvin Lav (B.S. in Chemical Engineering)
Wilson Wong (B.S. in Chemical Engineering) - Fluor
Bo Gao (Post-doc 2009-2013)
Yahya Alvi (B.S. in NanoEngineering 2013; M.S. in NanoEngineering 2014)
David Rosen (B.S. in NanoEngineering 2013, NE Dept. Award of Excellence; M.S. in NanoEngineering 2014)
Vincent Li (B.S. in Chemical Engineering 2014, Huppert Award) - Georgia Tech, grad student in ChemE
Melissa Wette (B.S. in NanoEngineering 2014, NE Dept. Award of Excellence)- Stanford, grad student in Mat Sci
Nathan Velez (B.S. in NanoEngineering 2014) - UC Berkeley, grad student in Mat Sci
Charles Ngo (B.S. in Chemical Engineering 2014)
Kargal Gurunatha (Ph.D. in Chemistry, CEMES-CNRS in Toulouse)
Nimai Mehta (M.S. in NanoEngineering 2014)
Brandon Marin (M.S. in NanoEngineering 2014)
Tarah Sullivan (M.S. in NanoEngineering 2014)
Sarrah Marvi (M.S. in Chemical Engineering 2016)
Eric Brown (M.S. in NanoEngineering 2016)
Eduardo Lupi (B.S. in NanoEngineering 2016) - UC Berkeley, grad student in Mat Sci
Tyler Dill (Ph.D. in NanoEngineering 2017) - Illumina

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