CENG 258: Heterogeneous Catalysis (4 units)


Lectures: MWF 1-1:50 pm, Warren 2010
Instructor: Prof. Andrea Tao
Office: Atkinson Hall (Calit2) Rm 2704
Phone: (858) 822-4237
Email: atao@ucsd.edu
Office hours: Wednesday, 5-6 pm

This course will serve as a graduate-level introduction to catalysis and surface science. A specific focus will be given to nanocatalytic materials, where reducing the physical dimensions of the catalyst material results in chemical properties that are non-scalable from the bulk. Topics include: surface structure, adsorption/desorption kinetics, chemical bonding, thermodynamics of the surface, experimental techniques, and nanoscale materials.

Problem Sets (4) 40%
Final Project 30%
Final Presentation 30%

Introduction to Surface Chemistry and Catalysis. Gabor Somorjai and Yimin Li. Wiley, 2010.
Heterogeneous Catalysis for the Synthetic Chemist. Robert Augustine. Dekker, 1996.

Course Policies:
Attendance is required, but will not be assigned a specific grade. Chalkboard lecture notes will not be posted the course website, so it is in your best interest to attend class and take notes!
Missed exams or assignments cannot be made up. However, there will be ample opportunity for extra credit to be earned every week.
Academic dishonesty: Any student violating UCSD's Academic Dishonesty or UCSD's Student Conduct policies will earn an F in the course and will be reported to their college Dean for administrative processing. Committing acts that violate Student Conduct policies that result in course disruption are cause for suspension or dismissal from UCSD.

Tentative Course Outline:
Week 1-2: Surface Structure
Week 3: Surface Energy & Thermodynamics
Week 4: Adsorption
Week 5: Surface Bonds & The Active Site
Week 6: Reaction Kinetics
Week 7: Catalyst Preparation
Week 8: Nanoparticle Catalysis
Week 9-10: In-class Presentations

Problem Sets:
Problem Set 1, Due 1/14/11
Problem Set 2, Due 1/31/11
Problem Set 3, Due 2/14/11
Problem Set 4, Due 3/2/11

Powerpoint Lecture Notes:
Lecture 1 (Reading: SL Ch. 1)
Lecture 2 (Reading: SL Ch. 2)
Lecture 3
Lecture 4
Lecture 5
nanoparticle catalysis
combinatorial catalysis

Extra reading:
Integration of surface science, nanoscience, and catalysis
Spillover in heterogeneous catalysis

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